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Is your office dull?

Let us bring life to your building and enhance your space quality.

Green Cham offers a wide variety of LIVE indoor plants, trees and pots to offices and establishments to improve their company’s atmosphere and the employees' WELL-BEING.


Now more than ever plants are trending. Businesses are becoming more aware of the impact of the environment on their employee's well-being.  The office space and its functions have become an important factor in 2023 due to its impact on our mental health.


During our in-office plant proposal, We take a look at your workspace, listen to your vision or help you picture one. Then we analyze the environment and determine what live plants will do well according to your office light, environmental conditions and your plant goals for the office. On our second visit, We bring your idea to life in a design form and present it with a quote. We also offer a weekly plant maintenance so no extra work for you or your employees. Free plant replacements are included and seasonal arrangements for outdoor planters if applicable.


Green Charm      

Copy of Copy of Green Charm logo (1).png

Hi there! My name is Camila Vinco and I am the owner of Green Charm. I love transforming workspaces into a welcoming and happy environments using a biophilic design approach. We are an interior plant escape business in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Plants make people happy and I believe it has healing power! My purpose is to improve your work environment for the well-being of the people and to enhance your brand's image.

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